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We believe in improving the Health of people living in underprivileged communities

I Am For You, Inc. (IAFY) is a 501C (3) non-profit organization officially founded in November 2015. It all began in the heart of Dr. Ramón Pérez-Rosich and his wife Jasmin Ortíz-Batir.

Jasmin previously worked for the Florida Health Department. While providing health services to the patients, she experienced the need of dental and medical care of immigrant families which many of them had services rejected because of their inability to understand or communicate with the healthcare system. Almost immediately, she felt compelled to assist these individuals in getting the help they needed. She also identified their spiritual needs, the need of an internal and eternal transformation in their hearts and an acceptance of God as their Savior.

One day, Jasmin shared with her husband her desire to start serving this community and the possibility of establishing a mission that could provide for these people’s needs. With him sharing her same passion of serving others and possibly becoming a missionary, it all came into fruition in the form of this charity organization.

With this desire to serve and the dream of changing the world, Dr. Pérez and Jasmin now both unite as a team to realize their vision. They understand that not only these individuals’ healthcare necessities need to be addressed, but more importantly, the opportunity of a spiritual transformation. This hunger to serve others led Dr. Pérez and Jasmin to initiate their first local mission in 2008 which took about seven months to organize.

Without any prior experience on how to carry out a rescue mission, with no equipment or financial support and only driven by a dream given to them by God, Dr. Pérez and Jasmin organized their first health mission in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Dr. Pérez focused on screening for oral cancer while the Florida Health Department, through their outreach program, provided services such as vaccinations, mammograms, STD’s and HIV/AIDS tests. Entities were eager to help in providing food assistance, while other volunteers, during the health screenings, met individually with the participants and for those who were willing to receive, bibles were provided as well as prayers were offered to each individual.

They were able to continue their services with the health missions in the same city for the second and third year. This time it was sponsored by Dr. María C. Verne who graciously offered her private dental office to service the dental patients. Her office was equipped with the necessary equipment to, not only do oral cancer screenings but along with other volunteer Dentist and Dental Assistants they were all also able to take care of extractions and cavities. Other specialty doctors such as Optometrist and Internal Medicine doctors offered their services to the participants. These services were all given to the patients at no cost. This was truly a miracle!

In 2012, they felt that God called them to expand to other cities and to travel to reach the neediest to other communities of Southern Florida. Their biggest challenge was the lack of equipment to travel. Who was going to donate their hard-working money to a couple with a huge dream to continue to serve and answer God’s call?

This is when they decided to coordinate an event with 35 individuals who, after they presented their vision to them, could join in their efforts of service to the community. The event was a success and they collected their first $25,000. This amount of money allowed them to purchase their first set of portable dental equipment. Four dental chairs that weighed only 20 pounds each and can be carried as a backpack, three compressors and a portable x-ray machine. All the equipment was purchased from ITEC, the company founded by Missionary Steve Saint the son of Nate Saint.

With the right portable equipment, Dr. Pérez, Jasmin and a team of very special volunteers, they have been able to reach over 10,000 people from missions conducted in the areas of Central and South Florida, Haiti, Honduras and Puerto Rico.

I Am For You is committed to impacting lives by reaching people in need (the unreachable) and spreading the love of Jesus Christ throughout the world.


Sharing the love of Jesus Christ through humanitarian missions, providing medical and dental outreach services, feeding the hungry, building homes and hospitals, and organizing rescue efforts to reach all in need.


To provide humanitarian missions, rescue efforts and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ World Wide.

Values: Faith, Compassion, Loyalty, Love, Family and Integrity.


A Non-Profit Org. 501C(3)

The non-profit organization was officially registered.


Community Outreach

During Hurricane Maria we chartered an airplane to Puerto Rico with 12,000 lbs. with necessities and first aid items.


International missions begins

We started the process of building a hospital in Honduras.

Humanitarian Missions

Pembroke Pines, Florida
Homestead, Florida
Immokalee, Florida
Little Haití, Florida
Kissimmee, Fl. and Puerto Rico
Haiti and Honduras
Immokalee, Florida

Board of Directors

Committed to making a long-lasting impact by serving underdeveloped communities.

Composed of a team of professionals dedicated to giving back and making a difference locally and internationally.

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